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Wedding Video or Wedding Film


They are both essentially the same but look very different. We would call ours wedding films even though we market it as a wedding video. These are some of the differences between the two.



We use DSLRS to film our weddings, we are currently using the SONY a7s, the reason we use this type of camera is because the image that you get has a more cinematic look compared to an HDV camera. Even though the image you will get from a current HDV camera will be good quality it still does not have the same finish a DSLR will get. We would also argue that if your wedding videographer is using a DSLR then they have had some form of training, as they are not as user friendly as HDV cameras. We have used both to shoot weddings and the HDV camcorder we used cost 3 times as much as my first DSLR and we found that the contrast between the two images was incredible given the price difference, the image was a lot sharper on the DSLR and had more depth of field to give you that amazing creamy background with the stunning bride in sharp focus in the foreground. Negatives with the DSLR are that there is no motorized zoom so you can’t have nice slow zooms but I’ve never used those anyway.

HDV cameras are safe, as simple as that; you could pick one up yourself and within a day be out shooting your own wedding. The reason you hire a videographer is because you want to know it is in the right hands and the video will be better than if you just gave uncle Joe a handy cam.

We will definitely be using DSLR cameras for the foreseeable future and they do just keep getting better, we have yet to be convinced an HDV camera will look as good as a DSLR for weddings we hope it changes because like we say life is easy on HDV!

This link shows a comparison between two Cameras the Cannon 5D (DSLR) and the Sony NEXVG10 (HDV) the image quality on the DSLR is far superior.



So that’s something about the equipment that will be used on your special day. One piece of advice we would give is make sure you find out what equipment your videographer is using and what training they have. I would definitely say that going with HDV is cheaper and a lot less can go wrong but with DSLR’s your video will really show off your amazing story.

Next time I will talk about Editing and techniques which will turn your wedding video into a wedding film.