New Caelum

A Film Noir short web series revolving around two detectives in the fictional city of New Caelum. Writen by Stuart Millar and shot by Andrew Crane at InkedUp Productions.


A short film about a girl who is being bullied at home and at school. She finds comfort in online chatrooms and thinks she has found her knight in shining armour. Directed by InkedUp's Andrew Crane and was nominated for a RTS (Royal Television Society) Award.

It Took a Man to Break a Wand

InkedUp's first ever film. It is about a boy who is convinced Harry is real and is taken into custody for his own safety... It may not be suitable for an IMAX but it is one of InkedUps favourites!

Trouble Again In Tranquility

A short western comedy filmed at Tranquility Western Town, with a team of western enthusiasts.